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Within our agency at Solid Financial Solutions inc., we have refined 3 different niches that can set you apart from everyone else.  Each of these niches have the ability to help you easily and quickly build a career for yourself.  Our focus is to maximize your ability to achieve your goals.  These specific areas have an enormous capability to benefit to your success.

These niches fall in 2 categories.  The first 2 are for worksite, and the third is for the senior market.  They are as follows....

Niche 1 -  Group Health Insurance.

Now I know if you are not heavy in the health insurance market, this may seem to be extremely daunting.  However, we are in a tremendous opportunity, because of the new healthcare laws that have just been passed.  Many employers are becoming more interested in their options, and are reaching out more than ever.

You may ask how we are different from every other agent that "quotes" health insurance.


"We don't just quote".

We have systems in place to actually design the package of benefits, provide alternative administration, and etc., to truly be a solution the employers are often looking for.  We quite often can provide a 25% or more in savings, while their existing plan and comparisons are all having increases.  On top of that we have had companies that received consecutive annual decreases in premiums, which is virtually unheard of.

If you are thinking this would be too overwhelming...... Don't.  We provide the training first of all, and second, we can help design the plans for you, teaching you through the whole process, while you still get paid your commissions.

Niche 2  -  Voluntary Benefits.

This opportunity is actually available because of a specific product that we have some exclusiveness to.  You are probably familiar with Aflac, Colonial, Allsate, and etc.  Many agents argue their plans are the best, and try to prove the reasons why.  To be truthful, many of these plans are often not that different.  However, to an employer, who may see many different people every month, typically doesn't really see enough to make them change.  Most of the time it's because of a lack of service that is the reason they make any changes.  They also may not make any changes because of the work they feel that is involved.  However, they may often offer an alternative if the benefit is exceptional enough.

That is where our product really stands out.  We use it as a door opener.  It's an easy way to get your foot in the door, to eventually take over everything else if you are providing the service that is needed.  This product is one of the most purchased products, and there is no other worksite benefit that competes with it (by the way, we are an agency and have most of the carriers that offer voluntary plans).  It is an easy sale, and pays great in commissions.

Niche 3  -  Senior Market

Here we are tailored more for the senior market.  What makes this so special?  It's free and everyone loves it.

I can hear it now...... "What is the catch?" and "How do I get paid on 'free'?"  Well let me start by saying....

You Don't......

This is a free, very needed, service that opens the door for specific sales.  Of course, that, you do get commissioned on.  Agents that have used this system have a 60% - 80% closing ratio.  If you are looking for referrals, you won't find anything easier.  If you are deciding to buy leads, this system can help you never to buy leads again.

In closing.

Each of these niches we will provide top notched training to ensure your success.  There is not a lot of experience needed to grow your book of business.  That's what we are here for.  To help you.  Call us today!!!


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